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Is your Check Engine Light On?

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It can be pretty disturbing when the Check Engine light comes on. We wonder just how urgent it is. Generally speaking, it is not critical like a temperature or oil pressure light. When you get one of those it means STOP NOW! When the Check Engine light shows up, you should get to David Wray Automotive  to find out what the matter is as soon as possible. Click here for more information:

Become a fan of DWA on Facebook!

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Keep current on automotive news, rebates, coupons and other  specials – visit the David Wray Automotive Facebook page – leave a message and become a fan! The link is conveniently posted on the “Contact Us”  page

. Your feedback is appreciated, any questions comments or ideas will be considered in future content!     We are happy to  connect with other local business fan pages- make a suggestion on our face book  page.

Don’t overlook these boots….

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A term familiar to many owners of front wheel drive vehicles is the CV joint… that’s short for constant velocity joint.  It’s the flexible joint that transfers power from the transmission to the wheels.  It’s protected by a rubber boot, which keeps grease in and dirt out.   The next time you are in for an oil change, ask to have these boots checked.

Why change your transmission fluid?

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Like the oil in your vehicle’s engine, under normal driving conditions, heat and oxidation cause deterioration of your ATF fluid allowing contaminants in your transmission system to increase.   Your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the  fluid in your transmission at regular intervlas; usually every 15,000 to 50,000 miles.  

Typical Minnesota Driving Conditions that lead to accelerated transmission system deterioration include:  

  • Towing under load
  • Hot climate
  • Stop -and- go city driving
  • Winter or hard driving. 

 Add years to the life of your vehicle in just minutes!  Make an appointment today to have your transmission serviced, starting at $129.00

Our T-Tech Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange will replace nearly 100% of your vehicle’s old, dirty fluid with new, clean fluid.  It’s a fact that a properly maintained transmission can extend the driving life of your vehicle.  Best of all, it takes just minutes.

Sponsor of “Speedtalk on 1360”.

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David Wray Automotive is happy to be a sponsor for our local SpeedTalk radio show.  Check out the show on KRWC at  This is your local source for up to date information on NASCAR, ASA, NHRA, Indy cars, Motor Sports, Dirt Tracks and local racing. Recent interviews included: Road racer Doug Rippie; Writer Jordan Bianchi, Driver Chris Wimmer, Driver Jacob Goede and others.

Jason Searcy and Dean Reller are the long time announcers at I-94 Raceway. Jason started a weekly motorsports radio show “speedway show” from 1991-1998 on KMSR. Dean and Jason then teamed up from 2001-2002 for the “Raceway Report” on KMSR. They went to St Cloud cable access TV for “Speedtalk” in 2003-2004. They went back to radio on KASM and 1390 “the fan” in 2005 & 2006 and returned to TV with SCTV in 2007 & 2008. In 2009 they are back on radio:  featured on on KRWC AM 1360 in Buffalo MN.   Check out the Race Fan Radio Saturdays 11 to noon.

David Wray Auto’s website is all new!

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Welcome to the all new redesigned David Wray Automotive, Inc. online website! Please take a moment to browse through our new renovated site. David Wray Automotive is a family run business. Whether you have a small question or big question, nothing is too complicated when it comes to the dedicated care of your vehicle. Contact us today and schedule your next tune up or oil change!

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