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What Our Customers Have To Say!

We appreciate hearing testimonials from our customers because we rely on your word of mouth! Thanks to everyone who sends us a note. We welcome your kind words on our Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yahoo and Angie’s List pages.

The Wrays have a lot of experience. And Dave has been a Subie Tech for like 35-40 years.

a lot of experience

I’ve had Mike work on previous cars that I owned and he’s done top notch work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or his Dad. If they did the work, it was done right.

it was done right

The Wrays (David and Mike) are top-notch mechanics and people.

top-notch mechanics

Mike Wray (at David Wray) will take good care of you. That guy can swap Subarus in his sleep….and likely does

They will take good care

David Wray in Buffalo. Doesn’t get much more honest than there! Well worth the drive.
+1 for David and Mike being stand up guys!!

David and Mike being stand up guys!!

Well the car ran great and it was only at the dealer for about 1 day then another guy bought it. But I am for sure going to take it to David Wray who does all Subaru stuff and have him look over it… Thanks for the advise!

Thanks for the advise!

Another person to talk to would be Mike Wray @ Wray Automotive. Just mounted mine this year. He can order tires as well

He can order tires as well

I pretty much do all my own work so I can’t really recommend a place. However, if I needed someone else to do it, mike wray at david wray auto would be top of my list?

top of my list..

You might get a better rate if you contact Wray Automotive and let them know that you are on MNSubaru. They do very good work and last I checked are much cheaper than the average local shop.?

They do very good work

Try contacting Wray Automotive. They do good work for a good price

They do good work

Mike Wray (at David Wray) will take good care of you. That guy can swap Subarus in his sleep….and likely does.

They take care of you

We appreciate the kind words! Let us know how we’re doing.

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